A Proven Success.

Bertino & Associates, Inc. foundation is based on a team of professionals with years of construction-industry experience.
We concentrate on improving its clients’ businesses through the management of construction programs for new facilities, renovations, and expansions. Broad in scope, the company’s services include General Construction, Construction Management, and Design-Build Contracting.

Bertino & Associates is 100% client focused. Our services are flexible in nature and respond to each client’s specific needs.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Bertino & Associates’ services is our early input from an experienced construction manager’s perspective of approach, planning, concepts, designs, alternatives and proposed solutions, including establishing “realistic” costs based upon our experience with similar projects. Our team is adept at translating architectural and engineering programs into reality. We instill quality in the total process to ensure completion on-time, and within or under budget.

At Bertino & Associates, we know what works well, and we know what has been less than successful. We understand the value that “early teaming” yields to our clients, and the solutions that can be applied to make designs “constructable”. This expertise is brought to the “team planning table” early ensuring that clients receive the most value from start to completion without sacrificing quality and without entering into costly re-design.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of professional services to produce the best facility to meet their needs and requirements.