Our services are flexible and respond to each client’s specific needs.

Bertino & Associates manages the entire project team to operate within a fully integrated planning, design, and construction process. Our focus is on General Construction, Construction Management, and Design-Build Contracting.

We know that the qualifications of the personnel assigned are critical to the successful execution of the work. Knowing how to structure the project team to ensure that the best resources are maximized to their fulliest potential is a key component of our success.

Equally important, we know that a successful project is a project completed without claims. Towards that end, we ensure that the early up-front planning is a total and comprehensive team effort and that safe guards are in place throughout the project to address issues as they arise.

We offer the following Services:
  • General Construction
  • Preconstruction Consulting
  • Construction Management
  • Design-Build Contracting
  • Development
Construction Markets:
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Fitout
  • Casino Resorts
  • Pools / Spas
  • Entertainment
  • Convention

No matter what the delivery method, our services are designed to protect the interest of our clients.

General Construction

Bertino & Associate's General Construction services are provided in the traditional competitive bid scenario as well as on a negotiated fee basis. Our most effective project delivery is when we have the ability to work closely with a project Owner and design team early in the process. Starting with preconstruction services we provide initial project budgets on a line item basis in an effort to work toward a negotiated project contract amount. We provide full service general construction including field superintendents, subcontracting, scheduling, internal quality control and assurance, submittal processing, and project reporting. Our transparent processes afford project Owners the opportunity to see exactly the status of the project and we ensure timely reporting of potential cost or schedule implications before they become reality.

Construction Management

As Construction Manager, Bertino, will work with the Owner and design team from project conception to provide budget, constructability, and schedule information. Throughout the process, Bertino will provide cost analysis for Owner and design team options. As the project design progresses, Bertino will assemble pricing information to ultimately confirm a contract price, typically in a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) format.

Design-Build Contracting

As a Design-Build Contractor, Bertino will assemble the entire design team, or work with key consultants selected by the Owner. The design consultants are contracted directly by Bertino. Our project approach and affords the Owner the ability to converse directly with the design consultants to establish the project development program while ensuring that the design team and contractor are in lock step for the overall project delivery. In this manner we are in direct control of designing the project to meet the budget requirements.